Saturday, August 1, 2009


Romeo Vasquez was a matinee idol in the 60's. He married another popular actress, Amalia Fuentes. Their daughter Liezl became a child actress who is now married to another actor Albert Martinez.

For his biography go to ROMEO VASQUEZ.

Romeo Vasquez started as a talent of Sampaguita Pictures in the 1950s. He was  groomed to be a dramatic actor in the likes oflike Ric Rodrigo,  Eddie Garcia, Luis Gonzales, Juancho Gutierrez, Eddie Arenas. He a  in such unforgettable movies as Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak (1957); Isinakdal ko ang Aking Ama (1960); Batas ng Lipunan (1961); Isinumpa Ko (1963). He won the  Best Actor Award in the Asian Film Festival in 1958 for his  portrayal in the movie “Ako ang Maysala (1958).” His perennial partner was Amalia Fuentes who he married in HongKong. They have a daughter, Liezl who is the wife of Albert Martinez. He moved to another movie outfit and migrated to the US. 

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